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An Emily Dickinson Annotative Database

Sapphire Fellows is an online annotative project designed to make Dickinson's Biblical allusions more readily accessible to Dickinson readers and scholars. To learn more about the origins of the Sapphire Fellows project, read about me, the founder, and my goals.

How to Search

The database is searchable by a poem's first line, the poem number (corresponding to the Franklin reading edition), the year the poem was written (also corresponding to the Franklin reading edition), or by the name of a book in the Bible. Simply select the criteria of your search from the drop-down menu above, type a search term into the box, and click "Allude." Don't worry about capitalization or dashes when searching by first line. You can include them or not. "A wounded deer leaps highest" is the same as "A wounded Deer - leaps highest -" to the database. For that matter, when searching by first line you can use just part of the line. "Deer" would return the same results as the whole first line. (Simply enter "%" into the search box to return all available results.)


Search results are returned as a table that lists the poem number, first line, year the poem was written ( a "0" means the poem is classified as undated), and any Biblical allusions associated with the poem. Because Dickinson would have been most familiar with the King James Version of the Bible, the KJV is the standard for Bible references in the database.

Why these?

Read more about the project to learn how the database has been compiled and how you can contribute to its growth.